We build the Software your Hardware deserves.

We help our customers design and build robust software tailored for their hardware. From embedded firmware and application software, to cloud computing, web and mobile solutions.

We work with commitment, expertise and the passion to perfect our art.

Our pledge to the pursuit of quality is more than the promise of a reliable and performant product; It is the understanding that excellence is fostered in our everyday life, hammered with dedication into our work, and shared with our partners in every step of our collaboration.

From small startups to industry giants, many have trusted us to make their ideas into reality. Let us know how we can help bring yours to life.

Some of our customers

  • Emerson
  • Polar
  • Omsyn
  • Matiney
  • Hello Future
  • Lyse

We power your devices; custom firmware and application software for your hardware.

You need to power your embedded systems, ensure the hardware boots safely, or just want to your hardware to run reliably?

We will build the firmware to power it all at the press of a button, integrate the operating system to orchestrate your hardware, and design your embedded application to bring your hardware to life.

We connect your devices to the Cloud, the Web and Mobile.

Your devices are happier connected to the world. Lonely, is not something they were designed to be.

We architect the back-end infrastructure to connect your IoT fleet and build the dashboards to control your deployed devices and interact with the data they relay. Moreover, we do it all in a way that scales with your business.

Cloud & Infrastructure

We architect and implement the back-end infrastructure to connect your IoT fleet; all, in a way that scales.

IoT Web UIs & Dashboards

We design and build web based UIs and Dashboards to interact with your devices and provide functionality to your customers.

IoT Mobile App

We build the mobile applications, being for iOS or Android to allow your customers to make the best use of the devices you build.

We secure your devices, and manage your fleets.

Your IoT fleet is to be deployed in the field; and you need continuous fixing of devices' bugs, managing of firmware updates, or logging of runtime errors of your hardware for later improvement; all of which needs to be done in a secure fashion.

We provide the tools for remote maintenance, update, and logging of connected devices out in the field, leveraging the power of cryptography to secure and protect your devices from costly malicious attacks.

The art of engineering is about shaping the complex into the simple.

Leveraging our expertise, knowledge, and ability to execute in building tailored software for custom hardware, our team is able to take your product from end to end and every stage in between. We understand your business, architect an innovative solution for it, and execute from prototyping to scaling.

Whether you have made your decision about your custom hardware or want us to bring in our partners for prototyping and manufacturing, we will take your existing hardware from a powerless electronic board to a smart and secure connected IoT device fitting your business requirement.