Projects / Remote control for the Polar trailers using MQTT over 4G

Protocol design and implementation for remote control over 4G.


Solifer Polar is a bicycle, boats, mopeds, and travel trailers manufacturer. Polar, the group's travel trailers manufacturer, contacted KOPERA for the design and implementation of a remote control solution for their travel trailers.

The iterations over remote control were part of Solifer Polar's vision for their high tech offering within their travel trailers products.

With constraints of limited network coverage and concern for bandwidth costs, we had to design for fault tolerance and data efficiency.

Leveraging our expertise in software design and know how of MQTT and TLS protocols, we built a secure and bandwidth cost efficient solution for our partner, with support for alarm notifications and GPS tracking alongside other requested remoting features (activating/deactivating heating, water pump, lighting, etc…).


  1. Limited network availability in some remote areas
  2. Expensive bandwidth


  • Erlang/OTP
  • 4G
  • GPS
  • TLS
  • MQTT