Projects / Media center for the Polar trailers control screen

Development of a fully enabled media center with FM, DAB, and Bluetooth capabilities.


Solifer Polar is a bicycle, boats, mopeds, and travel trailers manufacturer. Polar, the group's travel trailers manufacturer, contacted KOPERA for the development and integration of a dedicated media center for their high end travel trailers.

With customer satisfaction in mind, Solifer Polar wanted to integrate a fully capable media center into their main system's control screen; making both the media center and the trailer controls accessible through a common in-wall user interface.

With the integration of a dedicated audio DSP, DAC and amplifier into the product's hardware board, we were able to leverage its functionalities and deliver in-house built software for the management of FM and DAB radio, as well as Bluetooth capability out of the box. We also added in top of the line features for better sound quality, such as equalization and support for stereo 2.1 output as per our partner's requirements.

The features were integrated into the Polar screen to offer their customers ease of access for both the lighting, leveling, heating and other controls of the caravans as well as the media center and its functionalities into one and the same user interface.


  1. Bluetooth audio compatibility challenges between various vendors
  2. Complexity of the DAB standard
  3. DAB/FM antenna tuning


  • Linux
  • Alsa
  • si468x
  • tas5825m
  • BlueZ
  • SBC codec
  • DBus
  • SPI
  • Erlang/OTP
  • C