Projects / Reliability, availability and serviceability system design

System architecture design for a Linux based embedded system with a strong focus on reliability, availability and serviceability.


Roxar, a subsidiary of Emerson, operates in the Oil & Gas industry through the provision of metering, monitoring and management solutions for reservoirs. They reached out to us to help with the design of one of their newest products.

The very first specificity that made this project worth a challenge were the conditions under which the product is to be deployed. With potential subsea integration into offshore oil platforms, one thing was clear; the system needed to be reliable, stable and serviceable with a very long lifetime expectance.

With continuous iterations and a tight collaboration with Roxar, we were hard at work in designing the system's architecture to accommodate the required features of our partner, keep in mind the operational constraints of the product, and sidestep any pitfalls that may undermine the quality of the software running their newest product.


  1. About 20 years support lifetime for the product
  2. Sub-sea deployment making it hard/impossible to retrieve for repair
  3. System must remain operational even during updates/maintenance


  • u-boot
  • Linux
  • Yocto
  • C++
  • Modbus
  • RS-485
  • RS-422
  • PPP
  • ext4
  • e.MMC 5.1