Projects / Mobile app for smart speakers

React Native based mobile app for configuration and control of Electrocompaniet's media products.


Electrocompaniet operates in the audio equipment industry for the best of four decades. They specialise in the delivery of HiFi products. They reached out to KOPERA for the development of a better version of their control and configuration mobile app for their media products.

Electrocompaniet reached out to KOPERA to improve their existing unstable app. Understanding the importance of solid infrastructure, especially when it comes to building decentralised systems of control, we advised Electrocompaniet for a full overhaul; they were very pleased with the results.

With a multiplicity of product lines, firmware versions, and behavioural differences in each version's software, we had to build a mobile application that would serve each product line equally and faithfully in both out of the box configuration and control of desired features.

The app allows the customer, depending on their purchased product, to configure different aspects such as audio input/output or the wireless speakers layout and setup in the room for optimal audio experience.

Moreover, requested features needed to work across multiple connected phones at the same time, allowing more than one person to integrate their streaming services, control equalization settings, browse their library or search for content, and at the snap of a finger, play their favourite tune to the speakers.


  1. Accommodating different products' behaviours (due to different firmwares).
  2. Allow multiple users to interact with same product seamlessly.
  3. Synchronization challenges due to racy protocol design.


  • React Native
  • TypeScript
  • mDNS
  • DNS-SD