About us

Our Story

KOPERA was established in May 2016 with the vision of bringing better software into the hardware world.

With a diversified portfolio of technologies and a talented team of first class engineers, we have helped our partners develop cutting edge solutions around and inside embedded and IoT products.

We pride ourselves in bringing software back to its roots while staying in touch with the latest technological advancements. This versatility allows us to redefine the word possible, bring out the best of any electronic board, and stay true to our passion.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a team that is able to work in unison with a shared ground and a strong commitment to common values. This makes our philosophy a guideline for the decisions we make at KOPERA every single day:


We strive to provide our team with the best environment for work and innovation, our partners with the best solutions for their business needs, and our products with a dedication to details and quality up to par with the highest standards.

Team spirit

We foster the team spirit required to harness collaboration into innovation. We learn from our peers and bring our skills together. Our team's most important assets are the interactions of its skilled members, to teach and to learn.


Our commitment to fairness permeates into the core of our everyday business practices. This dedication gives us and our partners the peace of mind to focus on what is important: moving forward in creating together what could not be done alone.