Projects / Web application for a remote patient monitoring SaaS

Customer facing web app for OmsynHeim data access and interaction.


Norsk Telemedisin AS has been operating in the prediction and prevention of diseases through remote patient monitoring solutions since 2014. They approached KOPERA to build OmsynHeim, a SaaS offering for care providers including a web based user interface for patient historical data access and remote camera access.

Who is the User Interface for? Nurses and doctors mainly. This clear answer shaped much of our design and implementation decisions for this project.

Recognizing the divergent workflows between the two user types, we built OmsynHeim's UI targetting both respectively; doctors needed to analyse longterm data trends for prevension and diagnostic purposes, while nurses needed access to real-time data flow and audiovisual access for monitoring purposes.

It naturally followed for us to design the UI to provide intuitive data visualisation, both real-time and historical, captured through various sensors, as well as on demand access to audiovisual feed of the patient using the infrared camera; all of which to be securely served to the user's browser using the latest encryption standards.

A third use case was one of administrative purposes. The UI, given administrative permissions, allowed for organizational management and authorization handling for individual users to provide the needed level of security that comes with access to sensitive and private patient data.

We are pleased to say that one of the many joys of working on this product was the realisation that the insight from patient data trends analysis has been critical in saving many lives through early diagnosis with the current uncertainties of Covid-19.


  1. Cross browser compatibility
  2. Internationalization (i18n)
  3. Real-Time data
  4. WebRTC integration
  5. Security


  • TypeScript
  • Elm
  • WebRTC
  • MQTT